Most Valuable Scrap Metals Overview Comparison

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valuable scrap metalsSearching for some valuable scrap metals? Find them below.


Copper is the most likely one of the valuable scrap metals to be found lying around in some older pipes, or electrical appliances in your house. It can be sold at the highest price in a recycling plant due to its great demand.


This metal can be easily sought from soft drink cans, gaming consoles, and even old car and bikes. The metal has a good worth in recycling industry as it is easier to bend.


Common household items such as keys, door handles, and bed frames are made of brass. At the moment, it has a high demand of 1.8k pounds per tonne.

Stainless Steel:

Steel is a one of the valuable scrap metals which is used widely around the world. It can be found in kitchen accessories, cars, and different machineries. However, it has a comparatively lower value because of its easy availability.


Your jewelry, antiques, and medals are mostly created with silver, so you can earn some cash from the old ones. It has a pretty good demand for recycling.


Gold is definitely one of the most valuable scrap metals out there which is why it is not found that comfortably. Gold jewelry, antiques, and gold coins will give you a very high return.


Iron can be found in screws, cutlery, nails, pipes, and some automobile parts. It is a strong metal when alloyed with other metals, so it can be sold at a good price.


Pure lead is difficult to obtain as it is highly toxic and can be difficult to transport because objects that contain lead are heavier. This is why it has a very high worth in the recycling industry.